James and his awesome coven went to Forks and discover the fresh new Olympic coven

During Siberia, he came across brand new scent from a beneficial werewolf, and you can apparently did not know very well what it actually was, and chased it on the nation.


Once they performed, the guy cong them, sufficient reason for Edward’s protectiveness plus the unforeseen visibility away from Alice, he felt enthusiastic about starting their most enjoyable have a look actually and you can decided to reach Bella at all costs immediately after which find yourself off Alice-new sufferer he never have got to. Regardless of if Victoria failed to think it absolutely was smart, he nonetheless caught along with his package and had this lady find out factual statements about Bella, although the betrayal from Laurent was unforeseen. He had been crazy together with defection, in their rush to acquire Bella ahead of some one said to changes her, the guy delay vengeance until following check.

Edward’s family relations attempted to mislead your using Bella’s odor, but the guy adopted their hunches and wound up within the Phoenix where Alice and Jasper were protecting their.

Once seeking Bella’s old address from inside the Phoenix, the guy ran in order to the woman old household and dug through the house Gay dating apps before calling their. He generated this lady accept that he’d grabbed the lady mother and you can lured this lady towards the a trap at the the woman old dancing studio, in which the guy savagely assaulted and you may nearly killed her just after advising the girl on the his come upon which have Alice. He was distressed because of the just how with ease she is attracted, however, are upbeat that Edward with his family members’ look for revenge manage prove a great deal more fun. He left Bella with cuatro broken ribs, a head injury, and you will a broken foot from which he endured in it while filming all of it to your a video cam.

Even after this lady resistance, James with ease overpowered her of the organizing the woman towards the a wall surface away from mirrors and you may going on her base. Seeing blood trickle away from their injuries, James ultimately lost control and you may went in for the brand new eliminate. He part this lady right-hand, and this remaining a long-term chew mark, before Edward, Jasper and you will Emmett prevented him and you can destroyed your. His venom is actually drained from Bella’s program by the Edward so you can prevent the woman from is a vampire. Their stays was indeed burned times later, in addition to the whole dancing facility.

Midnight Sun

In Midnight Sunrays, Edward found in James’s mind which he don’t find Alice up to whenever it remaining the brand new cleaning, in the event Edward was unable to dictate his reasoning. If you are James is actually following the Edward, Carlisle and Emmett, the guy made certain to remain regarding assortment, far sufficient to avoid Edward’s power off interacting with their notice. The complete date, he thought (correctly) that it is an effective ruse because they were top him away off Forks. Once they gave pursue, James went and you may eliminated them by simply making haphazard decisions in his moves you to contributed him or her after that and further from your, up to the guy fled on the an airplane. At the same time, James generated conclusion to help you destroy one or two more folks once Bella: Laurent, whom betrayed him, and you can Alice, this new sufferer the guy never ever reached.

Inside Phoenix, as he involved so you’re able to destroy Bella, Edward bust through the doorway and was able to pull your out, not prior to the guy sank their pearly whites into their palm. Emmett restrained him and you will arrive at tear your aside, even after James’s resistance. Suddenly, Jasper emerged, using his power over attitude to produce a mood away from anger and doom, and make James comprehend there is certainly zero a cure for refrain and he recognized his passing.


James was known as being 5’10” significant, with the average make and you will average-lookin on account of his obviously unappealing face has, and this made his looks faster gorgeous than just very vampires of the underworld. There can be absolutely nothing outstanding regarding the their face or human anatomy whatsoever, centered on Bella Swan. He had white brownish hair cropped brief, and burgundy sight you to dim in order to black toward increase out-of their hunger. His clothes comprised of bluish trousers and you will a pale-blue clothing, both frayed with wear. The guy along with moved barefoot to let him to run faster.