Your insist upon an excellent correspondence on your own matchmaking

You are most comfortable having Androgynes and you may Smooth otherwise Feminist Butches due to the fact people, barely relationship most other femmes, regardless of if undoubtedly individually you will find him or her glamorous

Fundamental Femme–You are significantly more emotionally femme than just actually. Your nails are short however, neat, hair quick and easy to look after, and you also don restricted cosmetics. You usually wear far more female designs of pants or offered, flowy skirts, usually as opposed to line. However haven’t any doubt on the cardiovascular system that you will be femme. You’re taking the latest direct method of trouble, usually flying into the lead basic rather than searching – that it occasionally becomes you when you look at the an excellent flustering problem, nevertheless is actually adept at the digging on your own from it. You adore a gently assertive occupation during the down government otherwise self-a position. You probably don’t like that have a supervisor, but never need brand new onus to be the major manager. You’re a decent yet not appreciation plan, remain a cool but not specialized house, and you may choose results to create, spirits so you can are “prominent.” During the matchmaking you move towards virtually every style of, regardless of if High Femmes hit your as the a while dumb, Androgynes since the indecisive and High Butches since as well posing. And that which you dont day, your welcome once the loved ones, if you have become selective on your relationships and you can tend to provides a small, well-chosen community regarding couples.

Good Femme–You pick just like the females unlike femme, or as the a masculine with an open mind to help you ladies factors. Their increasing and you may socialization, yet not, provides implanted enough of antique femme positions and you can obligations, no matter if, you do not slightly make it to the fresh new link sounding Androgyne which lies ranging from femme and you will butch.

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