James and his awesome coven went to Forks and discover the fresh new Olympic coven

During Siberia, he came across brand new scent from a beneficial werewolf, and you can apparently did not know very well what it actually was, and chased it on the nation.


Once they performed, the guy cong them, sufficient reason for Edward’s protectiveness plus the unforeseen visibility away from Alice, he felt enthusiastic about starting their most enjoyable have a look actually and you can decided to reach Bella at all costs immediately after which find yourself off Alice-new sufferer he never have got to. Regardless of if Victoria failed to think it absolutely was smart, he nonetheless caught along with his package and had this lady find out factual statements about Bella, although the betrayal from Laurent was unforeseen. He had been crazy together with defection, in their rush to acquire Bella ahead of some one said to changes her, the guy delay vengeance until following check.

Edward’s family relations attempted to mislead your using Bella’s odor, but the guy adopted their hunches and wound up within the Phoenix where Alice and Jasper were protecting their.

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