Which promise, actually, are my comfort having Troy’s fall and sad overthrow, as i weighed future contrary to the fates opposed

Therefore would it be decreed

Such as for instance terms the guy spoke, whenever you are ill having strong distress the guy feigns hope on the his deal with, and you can strong in the center stifles their anguish. The rest prepare yourself the newest harm, the feast that is to be; they flay the fresh hides on the ribs and you can put uncovered the fresh new flesh; particular work on the pieces and you may impale they, still quivering, toward spits; others put cauldrons towards coastline and provide all of them with fire. After that having eating it restore the power, and you will stretched along the grass get its complete away from old wine and you can pounds venison. When hunger is banished of the banquet and the board is actually cleared, inside long discourse they yearn due to their shed comrades, anywhere between promise and anxiety undecided whether or not to deem them nonetheless alive, otherwise results the final doom and you will reading not any longer when entitled. More than the remainder does dedicated Aeneas in silence mourn new losings now of valiant Orontes, now out of Amycus, the newest vicious doom away from Lycus, fearless Gyas, and you will fearless Cloanthus.

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