Cargo jeans are called handle pants

Products trousers/Carpenter pants

Products jeans and you may carpenter shorts is actually jeans with an increase of pockets otherwise different varieties of purse as compared to that toward antique pants – always put halfway along the pant legs.

Exhaustion Pants

These are army determined pants (imitating the initial shorts donned by Western Armed forces from inside the Vietnam battle) having info such as for example Zip fly with switch closure, internal drawstring and you can buttoned off products pockets from inside the camouflage cloth.

Stovepipe trousers (Drainpipe trousers)

This name is the installing silhouette of your own shorts. That it identity can be used almost similar to skinny jeans, which means you know what it seems like. Stovepipe pants are particularly thin fitting shorts having tapering ft (jeans or shorts).

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